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How can we develop a product which allows a call coming into a voice modem connect to someone on the

Have a few questions on VoIP:

  1. VoIP using modem:
    How should one go about developing a product which allows a call coming into a voice modem connect to someone on the LAN whose PC is running NetMeeting?
  2. VoIP using special voice card:
    Approach to develop a product that allows call coming into a proprietary voice card connect to someone on the LAN whose PC is running NetMeeting. The proprietary voice card has C sample codes to show how to connect two persons through two prop voice cards but not one card and one Netmeeting?

I would really appreciate any help in understanding how to approach the problem, limitations/resources for a solution.

  1. You can dial into a modem on a PC, but unfortunately, unless you have a software phone, it will be a one-way voice connection and the user dialing in will hear the awful negotiation tones. There are software phone products that allow you to use your modem as a phone. It is actually a voice answering machine but will allow you to pick up the call on your phone before the PC gets it. It would require a voice capable modem. Check out the software from http://www.activecallcenter.com/default.htm. It may point you in the right direction. I think your better answer is to purchase a softphone. It allows VoIP calls via software using your PCs sound card and speakers.
  2. Can you send me a bit more information on the voice card such as brand? You may be trying to reinvent the wheel. You really should check out the softphones on the market now. They use the sound card in the PC's an open standard and will allow simultaneous voice calls and netmeeting at the same time over the existing network card. If the problem is routing because the person on the network is using a 192 or other closed address, than you can remedy that by using a static NAT in your firewall and allowing only the appropriate ports.

I hope this answers your questions or at least gives you some good ideas. You can do a search on softphones and you will see that there are a wide variety of options. – Carrie

This was last published in November 2003

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