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How can we allow only certain ports to identify and address remote parties in SafeNet SoftRemote VPN

My company uses SafeNet SoftRemote VPN. In the client under "Security Policy Editor 8," how can I configure remote party identity and addressing to allow only a particular port, say 80 or 21/20? I only see options for either all ports or SMTP/NNTP/Telnet/PPTP and L2TP.

Using this policy editor we want to allow only a particular port from that VPN client to a host in DMZ or LAN. Can we do this? Are there any other solutions using SafeNet?

You can add your own port to the drop down list under "remote party identity." You need to choose a protocol other than ANY, such as TCP. Then highlight ALL in the "ports" box and type in the name you wish to call it. Then tab over to the "port number" box and type in the port number you wish to use. When you click SAVE, it adds it to the drop-down list for future use.
This was last published in October 2005

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