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How can I use VLANs and NAT to get around the need for a static IP address?

Learn how to use a VLAN and NAT to get around static IP address designation problems.

We have two units that are used to remote control radio transmitters via the Internet, one in each location. Normally these would require static IP's on the public network with the forwarding of ports 5004, 5006 and 5008 at each end. Each of the devices requires the gateway IP and the public IP of the remote device to be configured in the unit which works fine.

We now have a situation where the remote Internet service cannot provide a static IP so at any time the public IP could change and the service would fail. Could we get over this using a VLAN? Or do you have a better suggestion.

You might have to use VLAN and NAT to get this working. Also your ISP would need to provide you a pool of public IPs which you need to NAT to a private IP and use this private IP for managing. You really need to test it out as every time the IP gets changed, NAT tables needs to be updated for changes to take place.

This was last published in October 2008

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