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How can I sign up for SearchNetworking.com contest notifications?

Want to sign up for the latest contests and giveaways to win free books, videos, simulators and more from SearchNetworking.com? Email us at editor@searchnetworking.com.

I saw one of your contests online, but later noticed the contest had already ended, and it was too late for me to enter. Is there any way I could be notified of the next SearchNetworking.com contest or giveaway?
SearchNetworking.com runs many contests and giveaways. We award our readers with everything from network-related books (like our Build Your Own Security Lab contest) to instructional videos (like our CCNP Video Mentor contest), to Microsoft certification exam vouchers.

If you would like to be notified on future contests, you can sign up by emailing any one of SearchNetworking.com's editors. We will personally email you with the notification of our latest contest (and nothing more). If you have any suggestions for a contest, you're also welcome to email us with your ideas at Editor@SearchNetworking.com. As always, we love to hear from our members and welcome any feedback you may have.

This was last published in June 2009

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