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How can I share a dedicated lease line from one building to another?

We have two buildings 10 miles apart, and we are using a point-to-point dedicated lease line in one of the buildings. How can I share the dedicated lease line to the other building? What hardware do I need? What do you recommend?
Since the two buildings are 10 miles apart, your options to connect them together is quite limited. Because I am not aware how these buildings are positioned and assuming you have a line of sight between them, I'll point you towards wireless communications!

There are a variety of products that will enable you to connect two points (your buildings) together, forming a LAN, as long as you have a direct line of sight. While in most cases It's hard to have an uninterrupted line of sight, especially if they are in the city, there are some cases where it's possible.

Some of these 'wireless' networking equipment use radiowaves to connect each point, while others use a laser beam. Considering the distance is fairly big, your probably going to have to go with the radiowaves, which should give you a good connection between the two buildings.

If this is not a viable solution, then I'd tell you to look towards some type of dialup service since underground cabling is possibly not an option for you. You could test the connection with one or two 56 k dialups, or even a 128 kbps ISDN connection, but since I don't know what your requirements are, it might not be suitable for you.

For short to mid range distances, fiber optic cable is the best solution, but in your case, this is possible only if you single mode fiber optic cable along with a few repeaters along the way.

Before you decide on which way is best, you need to keep in mind what the link will be used for and how much bandwidth you require between the two buildings. Once you have that figured, check speeds you can get from the above solutions and select the one that suites you best.

This was last published in December 2003

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