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How can I see who is using the most of our Internet bandwidth over our LAN?

How can I see who is using the most of our Internet bandwidth over our LAN? We have an ADSL router, but somebody...

is downloading way too much and we can't seem to identify him/her. Is there any way to check which PC is the hog?

I can surely understand the frustration not knowing who is downloading what! Thankfully, there are plenty of applications out there to help you resolve your problem.

I will simply point you to two of the most popular sites on the Internet where you will find the application your looking for!

  • http://www.tucows.com
  • http://www.download.com

    Simply enter the networking section or search for 'network bandwidth' applications to be presented with a wide range of programs to choose from!

This was last published in April 2004

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