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How can I monitor employee Internet activity in stealth mode?

I want to be able to manually monitor Internet activity of users in my small office network. I can't seem to view (by browsing) Temporary Internet Files on a remote computer. Can you tell me why this is, and if there is a work around? I know there are numerous 3rd party spy utilities, but I don't want to have to load this to individual machines. I would seem to defeat the stealth objective.
There is a lot of network monitoring software which meet your requirement. NetOP and NetVizor are two of the software I know, which do a great job. They work in Stealth mode, which means it is virtually undetectable to the user. They even allow stealth installation of the host agents on the target PCs and provide great reporting features. I suggest you go and try it for yourself.
This was last published in January 2004

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