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How can I load balance between DSLs and LLs?

Learn how to load balance between 1 MB DSL and 2 MB LL from our routing and switching expert Sudhanshu Gupta.

I don't know how to load balance between 1 MB DSL that's configured on FA0/0 and 2 MB LL on S0/0. Is there any other solution for this?
If these two links are connected on the same box, you can achieve it. You need to divide your network either by using access-lists or considering the routes from different locations into two parts. Then for one part, make DSL as the primary and LL as the secondary and vice versa for other part of the network. You will not achieve 100% load balancing, but, yes, some load balancing would be there.

You can also use route maps to do the distribution. Another option would be to use BGP. All these are good for traffic out-going from your BPO network.

This was last published in May 2008

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