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How can I learn the dos and don'ts of Cat 6 cable installation?

How can I learn the dos and don'ts of Cat 6 cable installation?
I would recommend an installation class. Siemon offers one that is approved for BICSI credits. In lieu of that, I would recommend working with a certified installer. Be careful to check what the "certified" consists of when making the evaluation. Terminating two jacks and eating a piece of pizza shouldn't count. There is also information on the Siemon website under the learning tab. The TIA standard for cabling installation is available at www.tiaonline.org, and ISO/IEC also have equivalents (global). You may also find some good information at the Category 6 consortium, which you will find a link to on TIA.

It is great that you are asking as a poor installation can cost you thousands above whatever you install down the road!

This was last published in August 2005

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