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How can I guard against an attack to my WLAN?

I am having security problems on our WLAN. Can you suggest ways to best guard against attacks and maybe a few tools used to test and monitor WLAN's security?
Thanks for the question. Wireless Ethernet has been the target of attacks for the last several years. As with most new items, it takes some time for products to mature and good security to be built included. You need to do a site survey and find the best places to locate the WAP's. See how far the signal extends beyond the organizations parameter. Make sure to use encryption (WEP, WPA etc.) Netstumbler is one of the tools to checkout.

For more information, check out TechTarget's www.SearchSMB.com site, as I have put together a free wireless security webcast that is about to be released. You'll get one hour of all the stuff you have asked about.

This was last published in February 2005

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