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How can I get reliable voice data (VoIP QoS) through ISDN circuits?

Though QoS policies don't work in regards to ISDN, learn how to get reliable VoIP voice data, in this advice from network administration expert Lindi Horton.

Is it possible to apply no-call or no-reset functions in the ISDN demand circuit using QoS?
Unfortunately that's not how Quality of Service (QoS) policies work with regard to Integrated Services Digital Network ( ISDN) circuits. When applying QoS to an ISDN circuit, there are several options available to ensure reliable delivery of voice data. Most considerations when applying QoS is centered on policy maps for available and allocated bandwidth. With RTP streams, prioritization and reserving an allocated bandwidth are how QoS can affect delivery of data. But there is not a function that allows you to set the no-call or no-reset functions.
This was last published in October 2008

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