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How can I create a list of users and groups in our domain

My new manager wants a list of all the user groups in our NT4 domain, with all the users in them. Then he wants a list of all the files on our servers, with who has permissions to what. This is a big task as far as I know. Are there any tools that can help make this easier?
While there are programs which will list you all the users and groups in your domain (a quick search at tucows.com or download.com will reveal a few), listing all your files on a NT server will produce hundreds of pages with files names, something which I don't think your manager will want to go through!

In the case your referring to all the data files your company has, then you can simply 'capture' all these files by using a simple DOS based command which you run from the root of your data directory. Assuming c:\data is the directory you wish you get a file listing, then from your DOS shell (window) go to c:\ and type 'dir/s "data" > listing.txt'

This command will send the output result to the listing.txt file where you can then view or print.

This was last published in June 2003

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