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How can I connect my Ethernet-based camera over a wireless link to transmit to another location?

I have an Ethernet-based (100bt) camera that I wish to connect to over a wireless link. Is there a product available that will connect to the camera at 100bt (reduced bandwidth is OK) and transmit data over that link to another location?

In a word, yes. A great device that I came across a little while back is one in the Linksys product range. Basically it's a wireless to wired translational bridge that works by plugging into your Ethernet port so anything with an Ethernet port (10/100baseT) can be wireless enabled.

From memory it is called a Linksys Wet 11 (designed to use 802.11b). As the device conforms to the IEEE 802.11b the highest level of encryption that you'll get from the device is 40bit WEP but if you were just using it for a single camera in a residential setting then I probably wouldn't worry about it.

The configuration of the device involves plugging it into a PC and configuring the SSID, WEP keys, etc but it's pretty simple - if in doubt, RFTM.

One small thing to note that that the WET 11 does require a power source and is unable to be powered through the UTP, hence you'll need to have the WET11 next to a power source at all times (which I assume you'll need for the camera too.)

This was last published in July 2003

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