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How can I check connectivity and ping between sites?

Learn how to check connectivity and ping to other sites when your modem and telecom company claim they work fine, in this expert response with our routing and switching guru, Sudhanshu Gupta.


I have three sites in three different locations. I have to connect these three sites with each other with SHDSL service. The telecom company provides me with the telephone lines and recommended the SpeedTouch-605m modems. So I connect the modems and configure the bridge connection as recommended by the telecom company, but am not able to ping to each others. My modems show that LAN, WAN and DSL are up and ok, but I am unable to establish the connection on the other side. Can you suggest how I can check the connectivity between the sites? When I contact the telecom company they say that everything is fine from their side, but still I am not pinging to other sites.

Thanks in advance.


If you are doing bridging, you need to do Integrated Routing and Bridging (IRB) before you can ping. For the telecom company, it will be fine until they can loop to your connection. You should try pinging host-to-host. If your connections are through, they should ping. You need to check your MAC address table. It takes some time to build the table after a reboot or if the setup is idle for sometime.

Let me know the result once you do these tests.


This was last published in January 2008

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