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How can I add a static, persistent route to my Windows 98 PC?

I would like to add a static, persistent route to my Windows 98 machine. The route should get updated to the routing table after every reboot and before I log on to the network. I have tried adding a route command in autoexec.bat, but no luck. How can I accomplish this?
The reason you have been unsuccessful thus far is because when the autoexec.bat file is executed during boot up, the network modules are still not loaded. This means that the PC is still not aware of the network card. Instead, you should create a batch file for the same, and copy it in the startup folder of your PC (located inside the Start MenuPrograms folder). Programs in the startup folder are executed after you log on. At this stage, all the network modules will already be loaded when you log on, and hence all should work fine.
This was last published in June 2004

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