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How can I achieve auto-negotiations between my device and switches?

Trying to troubleshoot a device on the network? Learn how to get managed switches (from Extreme and Cisco) to perform auto-negotiation with your devices, in this response from our switch expert.

I have a situation where a device has difficulty with auto-negotiation when connected to a managed/intelligent switch (Extreme or Cisco in this case). However, when I connect it to an unmanaged D-Link or Netgear switch the negotiation is successful. I have noticed that the D-link/Netgear devices support NWay; the Extreme and Cisco devices do not. Is this the possible problem? If so, is there a recommendation as to the chipset or driver level for the vendor to use?

There are several implementations of auto-negotiations which differ between manufacturers. You are caught between the same. NWay is one of the earliest deployments of auto-negotiation. What you can try is to force duplex and speed settings manually on both sides of the wire. Make sure that you are giving the same parameters at both ends. This should solve the issue.

Let me know if you are still stuck.

This was last published in November 2007

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