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How can I access my Cisco router from the Internet?

I have a Cisco 805 series router with firewall installed. How can I access the router from the Internet? I have all the required information (login, password and IP address).
By "accessing" your router, I must assume you're talking about access via telnet. In this case, you should ensure the firewall access lists permit incoming connections on port 23, which is used for telnet.

Once this step is done, you must enable telnet on the VTY interfaces by entering the following commands:

<enter secret password>
Router# config t
Router(config)# line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)# login local
Router(config-line)# password experanswer
Router(config-line)# exit
Router(config)# username admin password enterthisrouter
Router# copy run start
Once this is done, you'll be able to log into your router via the Internet using the telnet protocol. When connected, you'll be requested to provide a username and password. Here you'll enter the username "admin" with password "enterthisrouter" and that's it!
This was last published in March 2005

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Thanks for such a great thing, this is what I am searching for a very long time. Accessing Cisco Router from the Internet makes thing easier. While you are right for doing this one must need ISP, username, and password. By default of these details is available at sticker available in the bottom of every Cisco router. For the first, when I have used Cisco Cisco RV325. I got stuck in login and the issue resolved when I visited http://www.whatsmyrouterip.com/. Moreover, your website is also one of the best places on the internet to get information about the router and ISP related problem. I have bookmarked "How can I access my Cisco router from the Internet?" as it will going help lot, my friends. So I need it in the future.