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How can DHCP configure an Internet node without having a 6bone?

IPv4 and IPv6 expert Silvia Hagen explains the use of a 6bone in reference to DHCP configuration.

How can DHCP configure an Internet node without having a 6bone?

Hi Thierry

The 6bone was an international testbed for IPv6 started in 1996. It has been phased out and integrated into the public IPv6 address space since June 2006.

IPv6 knows stateless and stateful autoconfiguration. Stateless autoconfiguration works without DHCP and the nodes use router advertisements to learn about their prefix. Based on the prefix information, they configure their IPv6 address(es). Stateful autoconfiguration is DHCPv6 and works similar to the way we know it from DHCPv4.

Hope this helps, otherwise please clarify your question.


This was last published in February 2007

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