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How and where does one get training/education to become a network engineer?

How and where does one get training/education to become a network engineer?
Gosh! that's a mighty small question that could generate a HUGE answer. You can pursue this track in a large number of ways, including undergraduate or graduate degree programs in computer science or engineering, through various certifications from an astonishing range of vendor-specific or vendor-neutral programs -- use the CertFinder at GoCertify (http://www.gocertify.com/certfinder.php) and you'll see 142 different credentials come up under the "Networking" category. Thus, the short answer to your question is "nearly everywhere." That said, if you can furnish some kind of idea about some more specific type of networking (wired? wireless? IP or other protocols? LAN or WAN? and so forth) I might be able to return with some more specific advice.

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These will help acquaint you with what's out there, certification-wise, and may help you zero in on some more specific choices or areas of interest.

This was last published in May 2004

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