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How I can get hands-on routing experience via the Internet?

Discover how to gain routing experience using online simulators.

I just passed my CCNA exam but I have no idea how to face the world and apply for jobs because I have zero hands-on experience. Do you know how I can get hands-on routing experience via the Internet.

I can understand your dilemma. Hands-on experience is very important and being a CCNA you are expected to meet some requirements. I would suggest you get a hold of at least a pair of routers with cables so that you can practice different scenarios. Another option can be to have a Linux box which can work as a router once you start routing daemon.

There are a few other options which you can try like routing software from Boson which works as an actual router (with some limitations of course). This software can be downloaded from boson.com.

Note from the Editor: Firewall.cx is beta testing a free Cisco Lab – we highly recommend visiting this insightful Web site.

This was last published in June 2006

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