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Hi Ed,
I have NOT completed my BEETech (UNCC), but I am one of the early achievers of MCSE (2k) and CCNA 2.0. I am doing a lot of network solutions. What certifications I should do now to be in demand. (I am currently in India.)
Thanks - Arshad
Dear Arshad:
Thanks for your recent e-mail. Given your current background, if you want to work in the network infrastructure world, CCNP and CCIP might make sense depending on whether you'll work for a large enterprise or an infrastructure provider (CCNP for the former, CCIP for the latter). If you're interested in security topics in the Cisco world, the CCSP may also be worth looking into.

In general, information security is a good place to focus certification efforts these days, with credentials like the CISSP (http://www.isc2.org) leading the pack. Otherwise, if you're most interested in wire level communications and analysis, look into protocol analyzer certifications like those from Network Associates (http://www.sniffer.com), WildPackets (http://www.wildpackets.com), or the Pine Mountain Group (http://www.pmg.org) [Note: see my story "Understanding Protocol Analysis".]

HTH, and good luck with your certifications.

This was last published in May 2003

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