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Host-based firewall for servers

Puneet Mehta, our expert, talks about the use of having a host-based firewall for W2K3 servers, and, if they are needed, where you can go for resources.

Do you have any recommendations for a host-based firewall for W2K3 servers?

Servers are critical to any network and they should be deployed with security in mind. Hardening an OS is as important as putting up a firewall. I do not see any need for host-based firewalls running on servers unless this server is going to be the single point to access the Internet (multi-homed) or used in a non-dedicated mode. There are lot of overheads and access problems associated with using host-based firewalls on Network Servers.

But, if you really have a need for this, server protection products by ISS are something to be considered.

Hope this helps.

This was last published in October 2006

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