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Help, I can't view source code using IE

This has the guys at the Help Desk scratching their heads and shrugging shoulders.

One day I found I could no longer view the source code (the HTML code on notepad) for Web Pages on the Explorer.

I click "view," "source" and then nothing happens. Do you know what I can do to see code again?
Internet Explorer is known to come up with various problems throughout time. While your particular problem could be the result of a number of other problems, I would strongly suggest you try to update Internet Explorer on the machine in subject. In most cases, such an update (to the latest available version) would fix small problems like the one your describing.

Also, if this machines happens to be running the Windows NT,2000 or XP operating system, ensure you have the latest support pack installed.

As a last note, try to remember if this problem started occurring after you installed some new software. It could also be possible that a few system files used by IE could have been overwritten by older ones.

This was last published in June 2003

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