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Have you heard anything about the new Nortel WLAN 2210 and 2211?

I really appreciate your comments and would like to know if you had heard anything about the new Nortel WLAN 2210 and 2211. I own a Telecom consulting company in the Montreal region and I was quite impress with the description of the device but didn't try it yet.
I'd truly love to help you further but my experience has been limited. Conceptually it is a great idea with Nortel bringing its switching expertise into the 'gateway' arena however my experience to date with Nortel has been unbelievably poor.

After having been promised a WLAN Gateway switch multiple times by the Sydney Nortel office it never arrived and consequently turned both myself and the associated parties off dealing with Nortel again.

On paper it seems to be a very nice product – personally I recommend checking out 'ReefEdge' or 'Bluesocket' as they both play in purely the WLAN gateway market and can bring a lot more wireless centric functionality to market with them.

If you manage to get your hands on the Nortel wireless switch, you're a luckier man than I.

This was last published in June 2004

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