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Getting a handle on security technologies

Can you recommend some fundamental reading for a layperson trying to understand security technology? I'm a struggling Software Recruiter changing horses due to the down market and want to get an overview of some kind. Thanks for any recommendations you can make. Laura
The best book that I can recommend to you is a 'Run Book' - that is, the network operations manual with documentation about the technologies running in your company?s network. If documentation does not exist, begin your security journey there. Start documenting the technologies and security vulnerabilities that exist in the network(s). Offer to help with network administration in exchange for exposure and hands-on experience. If possible, set up a network in your office and/or house and focus on securing specific server roles, such as Web server, mail server, or database server, relevant to your company. The bottom line:
  1. Engage yourself in the existing network infrastructure,
  2. Seek out opportunities for exposure and hands-on experience,
  3. Visit your local library or bookstore and read security books that address (above) vulnerabilities.

Kind regards, Luis
This was last published in May 2003

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