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FreeSwan for VPN connections

I am running a VPN connection between two offices and they work fine. The two servers are running Linux and FreeSwan for VPN connections. I would like to setup VPN connections for "road warrior" with dynamic IP address. The software that I am using for client side is SSH Sentinel and SSH secure shell. I can use SSH secure shell to connect to the servers remotely without any problem. However, I cannot use SSH Sentinel to connect to the server and get on to the network remotely. I get an error message each time I try to get connected. I wonder if the problem is in the IP tables or routing. Have I missed anything?
(I am not too familiar with SSH Sentinel client). Nevertheless, it is obvious that the problem is not IP tables or routing but the configuration of the FreeSwan VPN server. Typically the FreeSwan software (IPsec for Linux) is easy to configure in secure gateway mode; it can connect to another IPsec enabled secure gateway. To support "road warrior" mode, you need a FreeSwan version that will support "remote access IPsec". When I was working with VPN development a few years ago, it was possible to do this with FreeSwan but it takes a lot of nitty-gritty configuration on both ends (client and server). Please refer to the FreeSwan Web site for more information on how to configure FreeSwan IPsec for remote access VPN. www.freeswan.org.
This was last published in July 2003

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