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For Cisco 640-801 CCNA exam studying what router can I practice on?

Learn what router to use to study for the Cisco 640-801 CCNA exam in this expert response with Cisco certification expert David Minutella.

Hello David,

I am studying for the 640-801 CCNA exam and I thought of buying my first Cisco router to practice on. Can you tell me if this 1603R Cisco router is good to study on? Would you suggest a different particular one?

Thank you for your time!


That router may have worked OK for the current exam, but unfortunately that exam is on its way out the door since it will be retired November 6, 2007. The new exam will require something that can handle current IOS images (at least version 12.3) and also the Secure Device Manager (SDM) GUI interface. So, if you are looking for something used and fairly inexpensive, you might be able to get away with something like the 1721 or the 2600XM series for awhile. If you are going to be keeping this router for some time and using it on an ongoing basis, then I recommend looking into an Integrated Service Router such as the 1800s, but these are fairly new routers for Cisco and will cost you about $800 and up.

Thanks for posting,

This was last published in November 2007

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