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Focus for Virtual LAN presentation

I am a student of MCA (Master of Computer Applications.) I am doing a Power Point presentation on "Virtual LAN" in our college as part of our MCA syllabus. The requirements of the presentation are as follows: First I should make a thorough study on the topic. Then I should concentrate on any area of the topic in depth (the core part) and then write a code (in any language) on that part. I wondered if you could suggest a few topics that I should concentrate on?
Thanks for your recent e-mail. If I were researching your topic, I would start at sites like https://whatis.techtarget.com/, www.webopedia.com, www.techweb.encyclopedia.com to get general background and search on strings like "VLAN tutorial" (just tried that on Google for grins and got 139 hits.)

I'd also do enough reading to understand that "LAN emulation" or "LANE" and "collapsed backbone" or "virtual networks" are good synonyms for VLAN, and do some searching in that area.

A prime contender for core coverage would be the role of a switch in VLAN architectures and how tagging and addressing are used to make VLANs work. As for code to write, something to demonstrate how virtual connections may be negotiated, set up, managed, and torn down would make a lot of sense and shouldn't be terribly difficult to write.

Good luck with your project: a little search engine time, a fair amount of reading and study, and some elbow grease to build your presentation and write some code, and you should have matters well in hand.

This was last published in May 2003

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