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Firewall security risks

What are the key security risks and considerations to adopt firewall/VPN technology? Some key security risks and...

standards which should be considered while adopting a firewall/VPN are as follows: Risks: ===== Risks are threats to your objectives. A proper risk analysis should be done before making any technology decision. Risk assessment should address the following: What is at risk? What is its value? What are the threats? What is the probability of occurrence? Some of the common security risks are as follows: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Single point of failure Loose security policies Support protection Limitation of technology False sense of security Weak encryption Latency Here are some firewall/VPN standards to consider: ====================================== Open architecture Packet filteration Default to denial Auditing capabilities Access control Logging capabilities Intrusion detection Extended user authentication Secured subnets Strong encryption Network management systems Secure back-up Statefull inspection Real-time traffic monitoring and alerting system Device management Secure tunneling Application layer traffic inspection


This was last published in February 2002

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