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Finding work in the UK as an MSCE

I have one year's NT experience. I'm MCSE qualified and from South Africa. I however want to make move to the UK in order to get better networking experience. Where do I start? Will they take me in as a willing trainer?
If your NT experience is full-time, on-the-job, you have a better chance of changing positions than if you have part-time or home or school experience. Still, one year of NT is not much to start with, and Windows 2000 is more current.

I'm not completely familiar with international job search, but what I know of US companies is that they are reluctant to sponsor anyone who does not have specific, unique or valuable experience and skills. For example, it would be fairly easy to find someone in the US with 1 year of NT experience, without having to deal with the legals and paperwork of a foreign worker. Most companies are not interested in training someone who will require either sponsorship or immigration papers.

When looking for opportunities in the UK, investigate the legal issues to obtain working papers. Next, find companies which are the right size to be able to sponsor/train you and which might need your specific MCSE training.

This was last published in April 2001

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