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Providing fastest Internet sharing speed for clients

Lindi Horton explains how to provide the fastest Internet sharing speed to a client when many users are trying to access the internet as well as potential issues and solutions.

I have a problem on the Internet with client side (XP install). A user says that our network is slow. I have only 24 computers in my firm and one server (win2003) which I am using. I have given Internet sharing through my server. No proxy software is used. How should I give the fastest speed to my clients?

To provide the fastest client network speed, I would highly recommend an unmanaged switch and a small router that connects you to the Internet. You should be able to get recommendations on what router you might need from your Service Provider. Internet sharing speed is prone to configuration challenges as well as not the ideal solution for 24 users trying to access the Internet. The unmanaged switch and router shouldn’t cost you too much money and would provide you a better, scalable solution going forward.

This was last published in June 2011

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