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Enterprise wireless pros and cons

What are the pros and cons of wireless enterprise systems? I am a design manager for a construction company, and we have a 50 million pound office project to design. The difference for space planning could be huge. What should I consider first?
The differences are certain to be huge. There is quite a cost savings that could be accomplished as well as a dramatic productivity increase if wireless is considered from the earliest planning stages. Physical placement of the access points is probably the key factor of a successful layout. Often times the wireless network equipment is placed on or above the ceiling to provide the clearest signal. This can be the best strategy to combat the attenuation caused by steel beams and file cabinets. A steel cabinet filled with paper can be a wireless laptop's worst enemy! Secondly, understanding the proximity relationship of conference/meeting spaces to individual workspaces is another goal. Access points tend to deliver the best service to devices with the strongest signal, so the sudden confluence of several laptops in a room can cause "network brownouts" for some unwitting users at nearby desks. (Answered by Dave Juitt.)
This was last published in May 2002

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