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Enabling SNMP client on a Cisco router

In my Cisco router I entered the SNMP read/write community string as well as SNMP host. When I try to view the device using Cisco view 2000 it's giving an error: "Device Package not Installed or You are trying to open a component inside the device." From Cisco view, I can see that the device package has been installed as I can open a similar router that has been previously configured. What could be the problem?
Ideally you need to configure only one command to enable the SNMP client on your Cisco router. These commands are:

snmp-server community <name> [RW|RO] <access_list_number>

For enabling trap forwarding, you need two additional commands snmp-server enable traps snmp-server host <ip_address> <snmp_string>
These two commands enable SNMP traps, and these are sent to the IP address specified in the snmp-server host command. Check if you have done this configuration properly. Also check on following lines – 1/ you can specify an access list in the snmp-server community command to specify the IP Addresses, which can have SNMP access to this router. Check if you have specified an access list, which does not permit your SNMP server.

If you are trying to detect your router using its hostname in the Cisco View, then ensure that its entry is in the host file of your SNMP server machine.

This was last published in January 2004

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