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Does any one keep track of non-standard terminology?

Does any one keep track of non-standard terminology? In the group that I worked with developing a Linux (Actually Non Proprietary UNIX Emulator NPUE (pronounced New-pooie)) 64, 128 and 256 bit compilers we used the terms:
Two bits or a crumb      Dibble
Three bits            Tribble
Four bits            Nibble
Five bits            Pribble
Six bits            Skibble

The theme was the first letter of double, triple (quad was skipped) pent and sex. No one ever agreed on seven bits. It hardly mattered as the tandem word simulator running on the 16 bit machine behaved strangely for the 64 bit simulation and failed utterly for the 128 bit and up simulations and you can?t get volunteers to write code for something that can?t be at least tested. If no repository or translation for such things exists I?m thinking of creating one. Some of the old tech documentation can be harder to figure out than ancient Egyptian.
I am not aware of any, but what a hell of a concept. We all have goofy stories, terms and snippets that we share, but it would be great to preserve them for posterity sake. Please let me know the site when it is up. I would love to check it from time to time and may even contribute.

This was last published in May 2004

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