Does Rackspace offer OpenStack-based cloud services?

Rackspace was developmentally lacking when it came to offering OpenStack-based cloud services, but this may have changed. Learn more in this response.

Does Rackspace offer OpenStack-based cloud services?

After being behind the development of OpenStack for years, Rackspace began to offer OpenStack-based cloud services in 2012 -- a move that has far-reaching implications. Rackspace's OpenStack services offer customers a range of cloud deployment strategies, from using its software to build private clouds to using Rackspace's OpenStack-based public cloud to working with third-party providers. For Rackspace, it's a move that has freedom and interoperability written all over it.

It's important for customers to not feel trapped by their cloud provider, and with the ability to base cloud services on OpenStack, this will no longer be an issue. Rackspace hopes this announcement will spark OpenStack adoption as well give the company an edge when competing with Amazon and Google -- two providers that don't offer the same open approach. While customers will undoubtedly seek out different providers to satisfy distinct needs, an offering like Rackspace's could have users reevaluating their choice of provider.

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This was last published in July 2013

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