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Do you think the HTI+ cert would be a consideration for me? I just completed the NCCER certification

I was wondering if an HTI+ certification would be a consideration for someone who just completed an NCCER certification and is yet to find an entry-level position. All the job searches I've done online have not yielded many results. It appears that this certification's popularity may not be high. Do you think this is the case? If so, will interest likely grow?
The NCCER stuff really falls outside my area of knowledge and expertise, since it appears to be construction related rather than IT specific (unless, of course, there's another NCCER other than the NATIONAL CENTER FOR CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION AND RESEARCH and its various exams and credentials).

I'm also not entirely sure about the HTI+, either, because total numbers of HTI+ certified professionals still remain pretty small (under 200, according to various CompTIA member organizations who claim to have reason to know).

It's a tough, demanding exam that will require a lot of study, not to mention time and expense. It would be a shame to expend them only to see your situation remain more or less the same.

Maybe if you were to e-mail me at etittel@techtarget.com and tell me more about your NCCER cert (what topic or trade? when earned?) and where you're trying to go, career-wise, I could be a bit more helpful. As it is, I don't feel like I know much of anything that really applies to your situation.

This was last published in March 2004

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