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Do you know where I could find out what percent of machines in corporate networks run on switched vs

I'm trying to determine what percent of machines in corporate networks run on switched vs. non-switched networks. (Is there a better name than non-switched -- hubbed, perhaps?) By corporate I mean data centers and large offices, and am intentionally excluding SOHO and home machines.

Do you know of any trade or vendor or analyst publications / sites that might have definitive data? I'm also curious what your personal estimate is.
Unfortunately, I don't know of a publication that has that information. I can tell you that from what I have seen in the field most companies have done away with hubs. About 90% of the businesses I visit are fully switched. You will probably find that most manufacturers have stopped making hubs. Recently, I need some hubs for a training lab I was developing and found what was labeled hubs at the local "big box" electronic retailer. I brought them back to the office to test them out and discovered they were actually switches. Needless to say that was probably the only time I ever had to make a return because someone had given me a better product that what I had ask for!

This was last published in April 2004

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