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Do social networking products (blogs) pose network security threats?

Find out how a social networking product or program like a blog might pose a network security threat, in this expert response.

Are there any network security threats posed by social networking products/programs like blogs?

I would believe so. There is the potential of information or data leakage that an attacker may use or that may be unflattering to the organization. Just consider the growth of MySpace and FaceBook. A recent article highlighted the fact that some employers are already checking these sites for information about the individuals and their background. You can read the article called Entry Level Job Seekers -- It's Time To Reconsider the Web on CollegeGrad.com. It's also sad but true that not everyone with the organization may be a happy camper. These unhappy individuals are also potential sources of information leakage. This information may be posted on a blog, some type of sucks domain, or other site.

Even CEO's and management types have gotten in trouble for the content they have placed on blogs or other sites. One such incident involved Whole Foods Market. You can read about it in this New York Times' technology blog entry.

This was last published in November 2007

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