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Distribute speed with router or another method

I have a Cisco 805 router connected to a leased line of 64kbps. I have connected this router to a dlink hub of 10 mbps. I want to distribute equal speed in 10 machines. How can distribute speed with a Cisco router or by any other method?
TCP on it's own will do a pretty decent job of ensuring that bandwidth is shared amongst your 10 computers. If that's not good enough, you'll need to ask your service provider to add fair queuing or something like it to their end of the 64k line. I'm assuming that these machines are mostly workstations, not servers since they are behind such a small connection. If that's the case, the majority of your traffic will be inbound, toward those machines as people Web surf, download files, and download e-mail. Since the traffic is heading in your direction, it would need to be managed for fairness at the far end of the 64k line.

If these machines are in reasonably heavy simultaneous use, you will almost certainly find that 64k/s is nowhere near enough bandwidth to make users happy. You should consider DSL or a cable modem if either are available in your area.
(Answered by Brandon Ross, VP of Operations, Sockeye Networks.)

This was last published in October 2002

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