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Difficulty with simulation question on CCNA exam

Dear Mr. Tittel,
I am a MCSE certification holder and working as Network Engineer. A month back I went and appeared for the CCNA 640-607 Exam. I failed with 800/849. I had a problem with the simulation questions. It was asking for a password while getting into the configuration mode when entering enable command. I tried some of the defaults like router, Cisco etc. but nothing worked out. So I wasn't able to configure and complete the simulation questions. And it also took a lot of time trying different passwords but all in vain. Now again by the end of this month I want appear for the second attempt. I would like to have your kind assistance of how to get into the configuration mode to configure the router. Also kindly suggest me the password that I can use for the exam simulation question.
Paul J.
Dear Paul:
According to my friend, colleague and co-author, James Michael Stewart - who took 640-607 two weeks after it was released--the Cisco router exam simulation password is clearly listed in the introductory section of the each lab. I think it is either "Cisco" or "password", but can't remember any more. If you have the same problem again the next time you take the exam, ask the exam proctor to help you out.
This was last published in August 2002

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