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Differences between adapters and modems

Our expert, Sudhanshu Gupta answers what it means when a router says the connection has been resent by the remote host and what the difference is between a WAN adapter and a modem.

What does it mean when a Cisco router says your connection has been resent by the remote host, and what is the difference between a WAN adapter and an AC97 data fax modem? Are they the same connection?

That means the remote server/router/switch has terminated the TCP/IP session you had established. There might be various reasons for this -- ranging from timing-out to the remote host running out of too many sessions.

WAN adapter and modem both give you some means of connecting to the outside world. So functionality-wise they are the same, but what technology and operation they do is different. Also the experiences you get from both are different; WAN adapters are faster.

Hope this clarifies.

This was last published in October 2006

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