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Diagnose connectivity problems on Cisco products

I have a Cisco 350 AP and a Cisco 350PCMCIA card. The card associates to the AP but I can't see the AP IP on the card. I can't ping it either. Is there anyway to solve this?
Firstly I'd like to say that it's good to see someone with a high-quality product. When attempting to diagnose connectivity problems using Cisco equipment (or any other manufacturer for that matter), you should always begin by using only a very basic configuration.

The default Cisco configuration is to use:

  • Open Authentication
  • No WEP
  • Cisco Extensions enabled
  • SSID 'tsunami'
  • IP Address of

If you want to reset the AP to the default configuration then the fastest way is to follow these steps

  1. Connect your Cisco console cable to your serial port – The console cable is the light blue cable that has a RJ45 connection on one end and a 9-pin serial connection on the other.
  2. Run a terminal emulation program and connect to the correct COM port (usually COM1)
  3. Reset the AP350.
  4. Once the AP has restarted, it will present you will a prompt
  5. Type ":resetall" and then "Yes" when asked for confirmation.

Once done, run the Cisco Aironet Client Utility (ACU), set the parameters to the default values (listed above) and the client card should connect to the AP. Once associated it should tell you the name and IP of the access point (see the 'Status' tab). If not, you now know that the default IP address is so you can set your PC IP address to 10.0.0.x and connect to

You shouldn't have any more issues once you've established the connection using the information above.

This was last published in August 2003

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