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Desktop videoconferencing

What is the different between the desktop videoconference and videoconference? Can I make a desktop conference between 20 people on one channel at the same time?
Desktop video conferencing simply refers to the fact that one (or both or all) end is on a PC. You can make a video call between a desktop video system and a high-end video system but the quality will be limited by the lower end unit (i.e. the desktop video unit). The desktop video system will almost certainly be IP based so the other end will need to be IP based too unless you arrange for a video bridge to convert the desktop IP side to ISDN (other side). It is possible to conference in multiple sides at one time - you'll need to buy special software (or buy a service) to make this possible.

To prepare your network for a desktop video conference deployment, use these steps from expert Stephen K. Campbell.

This was last published in September 2002

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