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Define a network ID

Could you define what a network ID is? And, does IPX/SPX use any kind of addressing? If so what kind does it use...

and could you give me a good example? The network ID is the network portion of an IP address. For a class A network, the network address is the first byte of the IP address. For a class B network, the network address is the first two bytes of the IP address. For a class C network, the network address is the first three bytes of the IP address. In each case, the remainder is the host address.

IPX/SPX also uses Network ID?s but in a different fashion. Nodes are identified by a 6 byte number and a 4 byte network ID. The node ID is assigned by the underlying layers (e.g. the MAC address from Ethernet network cards).

The network ID is given by the Novell server to a workstation and has to be set in the file server by the administrator. The network number is also used by routers to forward packets to the right network.

This was last published in November 2002

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