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Deferred collisions

My Cisco 1600 router is connected to the 100Mb Catalyst switch. And I get to many deferred collisions (0.5%-1%) on its Ethernet interface. The interface speed is 10Mb. What may be the reason?
As you are running the interface at 10 MB, you are almost certainly running it half duplex. Collisions are normal in half-duplex. 1/2% or 1% collisions is a small number for Ethernet. Don't even bother to think twice about collisions until they get to more than 30% in a half-duplex network. Collisions don't start to be a real problem until well over 60%, but as they start to rise, it may be time to start thinking vaguely about whether your traffic levels and patterns might warrant re-segmenting or installing faster links.
This was last published in September 2002

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