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Could you give some guidelines about emerging technologies wireless and Internet distributed computi

I'm about to start a research project in computer networking specifically in wireless networking or in Internet distributed computing. Could you give some guidelines about emerging technologies in these areas or about some research topics?
Wireless has a lot going on these days with RFID tagging, new technologies within the spectrum and hot spots popping up all over. One interesting topic would be the "saturation expectations within each spectrum." This problem has started popping up in various places. Police, in one state, are having problems with their in car laptops and communications as they use the same band as wireless networks. There is also a new set of standards being written for wireless communications as part of the IEEE 802.11 that would be interesting research. www.ieee.org (look for the task groups).

Another really cool thing with distributed technologies is the TeraGrid project. www.teragrid.org.

This was last published in February 2004

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