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Could you compare the IT Project+ (new version) and the PMP certifications?

Could you compare the IT Project+ (new version) and the PMP certifications? Are they compatible? Are the approaches are different?
Curiously enough I answered a very similar question for SearchWin2000.com on April 16, 2003, and conditions haven't changed much since then as far as IT-Project+ versus PMP is concerned. You'll find that covered here. In a nutshell, the quick answers to your questions are as follows:

1. IT Project+ is more of an entry-level project management cert, while the PMP is a mid-level credential with more demanding education, preparation, and training requirements.

2. & 3. Yes, they are in that indeed IT-Project+ is a good stepping-stone to obtaining PMP (and because IT-Project+ requirements are far less stringent than those for PMP--see for example https://www.comptia.org/certification/itproject/q_and_a.asp vs. http://www.pmi.org/info/PDC_PMPHandbook.pdf, which puts the former at about half the experience level of the latter).

4. Approaches are a little bit different, but not so much so that what you learn for IT-Project+ won't apply to PMP.

This was last published in January 2004

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