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Could my printing problem be related to my ISDN setup?

I have a network setup that consists of two offices using ISDN Netgear as the communication link. Lets call these offices A & B. Computers on both offices are setup as clients on a server that is located in Office A. The problem I am having is related to printing. Each office has their own printer, with print servers connected to each of the printers. Computers in office A can print in office A printer with no problem. However, I am having problem setting up the printer in office B to print from office B computers. If I connect the printer to any computer in office B via the parallel port, it will print. If I connect the computer through a print server, it will not.

I believe I have the configuration correct because I can see the print icon at the task desk when I asked it to print a test page. However, if you open the printer folder, there will be no data, hence it will not print.

Could this problem be related to ISDN setup? How can I resolve this problem? I have run out of options... Please help.
The first thing I would do is attempt to isolate the problem to determine if it is network or OS related. Is the print server properly configured? Is the IP address of the print server within the correct range for devices on network B? Can you ping the print server? If any of these tests fail recheck your settings or reference the print server vendor's web site.

Assuming that the above items were successful next I would turn my attention to the OS. Which OS are you running? There are configuration differences between the different versions of Windows.
Good Luck

This was last published in February 2004

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