Cost-effectively securing wireless

What is the best way to make wireless networking secure? What is the most cost-effective security measures I can take?

I am looking to this from two points -- a home user with limited to no funds and a corporation with security funding.
Sorry, but when it comes to security, I don't believe that there's one best way or most cost-effective solution. What's perfect for one company may not be at all right for another, depending on many, many factors that include number of users, physical topology, applications required, corporate policy and existing security measures.

Even in home WLANs, variables prevent a "one size fits all" solution. Some cable/DSL users start with a green field and can purchase any kind of wireless router. Others begin with the broadband router supplied by their cable/DSL provider and must make the best of the security features embedded in that router. Some home users only require Web browsing, while others need support for online gaming or VPN clients that connect them to corporate networks. Security implications differ in all of these cases and so do the "best" solutions for each.

That said, WLAN security "best practices" can serve as a starting point for home users and corporations. To learn more, listen to this pair of SearchSecurity.com webcasts: Locking down your WLAN: Part 1 -- Identifying the threats and Locking down your WLAN: Part 2 -- Implementing Countermeasures.

This was last published in July 2004

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