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Converged network infrastructure bids cost and communication benefits

Expert Carrie Higbie explains the various network convergence benefits including communication between systems and less network equipment needed to run across the network.

What are the benefits of a converged network infrastructure?

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A converged network infrastructure allows disparate systems to talk to each other. If you consider security badges for instance, if the systems are converged you could have that card provide network access or turn on lights automatically and track evacuations during a fire. Additional network convergence benefits include a significant savings. Consider all the trades involved if the networks are separate. Every trade  runs additional cables and switches for redundancy. This increases pathway sizing and complicated system-to-system communications. Converging them to a single network saves across the board, also resulting in less network complexity. There was a study done at a hospital by a company called Sinopoli and Associates that showed about a 10% reduction in the overall project by using converged network infrastructure services.

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This was last published in February 2012

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